Praise for Somatic Yoga Therapy Trainings

Praise for Somatic Yoga Therapy Trainings


What graduates are saying!

I spent a great amount of time researching yoga therapy training programs. I looked in depth at over six programs in California and applied to three programs; was accepted by all three. I chose the Somatic Yoga Therapy program because I felt it had the best combination of strong teachers and a philosophy and approach to yoga therapy and would serve me and my clients best. A year later I am so pleased with my decision to participate in this training program. Through a combination of face to face teaching, training, educating and the direction and support of Janice Gates, the program Director and primary teacher, I was encouraged to explore, be creative, and extremely ambitious about what I could accomplish over a year. The last twelve months of studying, practicing, teaching, and working closely with my teachers and fellow students has provided me with great tools and experience with which to pursue my work in yoga and yoga therapy. It was a very exciting, fruitful, and fulfilling year. Janice Gates is extremely knowledgeable, creative, and generous and I feel so fortunate to have been able to study with her this past year. ~ Catherine Millar

‘The year-long Somatic Yoga Therapy training exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Janice’s deep background in yoga, meditation, traditional psychology, yoga therapy and counseling enabled her to guide our experience with great skill, wisdom, and kindness. I had no idea there was so much to be learned, or that I would come through it feeling empowered to do this work. There was a strong emphasis on the spiritual dimensions of yoga, at the same time, the training exposed us to a broad range of applied techniques, such gentle movement, breath, and sound, to help manage such conditions as chronic pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and everyday stress.”

~ Julia Earl

The year long SYTT training surpassed my dreams and hopes in this approach to yoga. Janice Gates shares her extensive context of yoga meditation, thought process, advocacy to encourage, equip, guide and explore somatic yoga therapy in a safe environment. Her extensive history and long years of teaching offer experience with great skill, wisdom and care. I am deeply grateful to Janice and her team of teachers to guide us through this vast vortex of knowledge and bring me through to a grounded, stable and generous way to teach somatic yoga and apply this work personally. Janice offers a solid emphasis, but is not limited to spiritual aspects of yoga and brings together theory, history, lineage and current growth and development of yoga practice. The training also exposed our class to an extensive range of techniques, including gentle movement, mantra, sound and breath and applied these structures to a broad range of conditions including everyday stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, depression and chronic pain and the emotions that accompany them. Janice is a great support for each student and gives more time than any other teacher i’ve every had. I recommend this class to any one wanting to know more about helping clients and the somatic experience. ~ Deborah Gray

“Participating in the Somatic Yoga Therapy Training program with Janice Gates beautifully took things to the next level for my overall education, career and personal growth as well as on my journey toward providing yoga therapy services. Janice is a very talented instructor and amazing human being. In addition to Janice’s fabulous wisdom, the additional presenters in her program left me with so much valuable information and tools to reflect on and incorporate into my personal life and work with others. I am forever grateful.”
~ Mary Luz Oscategui,  founder of International Maternity Institute

“Well here at the completion of your training I am in deep gratitude. Because of life experiences I thought I was pretty confident in my teaching. I didn’t know that I didn’t know so many aspects concerning the process of healing. I now feel measurably more skillful and prepared to support healing, work collaboratively with a team of health care providers if needed, and/or refer out any conditions that come my way whether in my public classes or in my therapeutic teaching.

The scope of teachers and their specialties you brought together was exemplary. Each took us on an in depth dive into their work and offered us substantive tools to meet people in the moment where they are and address presenting conditions. I dearly appreciated your particular ability to set the stage in the beginning with an overview of Somatic Yoga Therapy by describing the guiding principles. All through the program you adeptly wove in your experiences and wisdom plus your ability to weave in the material of all your presenters is praiseworthy. The aspect which stands out as the most beneficial were the experientials which all of the teachers engaged us in. I palpably learned about the territory of grief, chronic pain and spiritual dis-ease both from a therapist’s vantage and personally as a client This for me is the take away heart of the course!”
~ Deb Reid, founder Yoga Sparks

“I really enjoyed all the information about healing trauma, working with
depression and anxiety.  I thought the instruction from you and all your
guest teachers was so very informative and well delivered.  The research
that supports this healing modality and all your own sharing of your own use
of Somatic Techniques with clients was extremely helpful.”
~ Lisa Campagna

“I benefited from watching you teach us and explain what you were doing and WHY. I felt stretched to practice on others but I think this was extremely helpful. The pace was great. The safety and love of the group really put your teachings into experience. This is not something that can be taught it must be created and you did this. The circle and the sharing helped our group evolve. The separateness melded into oneness for me. I am still going back into my notes and practicing things and rereading things.”
~ Jill Manly, founder Jubilani Yoga