Enjoy these practices!


Yoga Nidra with Catherine Henry – short practice (15 mins)

Grounded and Spacious

Tonglen – Awakening Compassion;  Giving and Receiving

This Tibetan practice is done to develop our compassion and our ability to be present for our own suffering and the suffering of others. It has the potential to  open up our whole being to the overwhelming presence of suffering and connect with our own kindness, courage, strength and willingness to transform alienation into compassion, fear into openness and reconnect to the natural wisdom of our hearts.
Part 1
This is a short version of Tonglen, giving and receiving for ourselves that includes some of the traditional visualization used for this practice.

Part 2
This version extends the practice out wider to include others.

*Please note: Tonglen is not always the appropriate practice for everyone all the time. If you are struggling with trauma-related fear, depression, or severe psychological imbalance, tonglen may cause emotional flooding or a sense of being stuck, in which case it is best to seek guidance from a spiritual teacher, therapist, or trusted guide in finding what best helps you move toward healing.


Pratipaksha bhavana – seated practice
This is a great practice for when we are caught up in a difficult experience, find ourselves fixed in our views of how we think things should be, or how we think others should be. It comes from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (sutra 2.33), and is translated as contemplating, cultivating or taking another / opposite view. It gives  us an opportunity to experience the situation from another perspective. This audio practice focuses on the difficult emotions that are often associated with a difficult situation or circumstance and offers a way to be with what is in a more integrated way. Enjoy! Let me know how it goes.

Part 2 – Bringing it into your daily life

This is a short explanation of how to integrate this practice into your daily life – do the seated practice first.