Yoga and Meditation Retreat ~ Mandali Retreat Center, Italy


silent yoga & meditation retreat

with janice gates and kristin vikjord paternotte

november 6-12, 2018

 At the stunning Mandali Retreat Center, Italy

Held in the potent container of social silence, this retreat is an opportunity to connect more deeply with yourself, become more intimate with the practices, explore your inner landscape and understand the relationship between your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Includes daily yoga and meditation sessions, teachings from the wisdom traditions of yoga and Buddhism, self-reflective explorations for integrating these practices into your daily life and time to nourish and replenish your energy. For details and registration go HEREVideo tour of Mandali Retreat Center here.

with Janice Gates     &   Kristin Vikjord Paternotte

Janice brings deep roots and a pioneering spirit to the fields of yoga therapy and mindfulness and has taught in a wide range of settings, including private practice, prisons, yoga studios, meditation centers, schools, conferences, retreat centers, corporations and clinical settings and trains yoga professionals and healthcare practitioners in how to utilize these practices in their work with others. Inspired and humbled by the impact these practices have had on her own life, Janice has spent the last three decades deepening her understanding of how to most skillfully integrate these ancient teachings into our contemporary lives. Her work is influenced by personal practice, studies in Buddhism and Somatic psychology and many years of falling down and getting back up! Janice teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation center and globally.

Kristin is a Clinical Psychologist, writer and yoga and mindfulness facilitator. As co-founder of Delight Yoga Schools, and the Arctic Yoga Conference, Kristin has had the privileged to practice and work with some of the most recognized and dedicated teachers, researchers, and academics the last decade. She has contributed to clinical pilots, research applications and projects, exploring yoga and wisdom teachings application for mental health. Since 2008, her Mindful Yoga as Applied Practice has been introduced to patients and staff in numerous psychiatric organizations, in the Netherlands and Norway. Her Teacher Trainings have certified dedicated practitioners and helpers to become skilled facilitators of emotional change processes. Kristin’s work has been used as guides for staff, on how yoga and wisdom teachings compliment medical, social, and psychological (conventional psychiatry) treatment and therapy.


NOTE: This retreat can be taken as a single retreat or as part of the Yogi Facilitator program – a unique leadership training and certificate program in Mindful Yoga as applied practice for mental health conditions and emotional well-being. In this comprehensive and deeply experiential training, you will learn insight practices from the wisdom traditions of yoga and Buddhism, cultivate skills in mindfulness and compassion and develop proficiency in applying these practices to facilitate change and transitional processes. This training consists of 3 retreats held at the stunning Mandali Retreat Center in Italy. Great for healthcare practitioners and yoga professionals or those interested in deepening their experience and understanding of these potent practices. DETAILS AND REGISTRATION HERE.

Retreat 1: Finding Ease in Unease, November 6-12, 2018

Retreat 2: Mindful Yoga as Applied Practice, May 3-9, 2019

Retreat 3: Yogi Facilitator Skills,  November 1-7, 2019

Location: Mandali Retreat Center, Italy