The Power of Presence

The power of presence is the power to be free, free from our internal and external conditioning and free to connect with ourselves, each other and the world around us in more meaningful ways.

I often think of myself as a ‘translator’ and enjoy the process (and challenge) of sharing these teachings and practices in an interactive, embodied, and engaging way that supports presence, mindful communication, and purposeful impact.

The practices I share are simple, yet potent – embedded within them is the deeper work of transforming the habitual patterns and unconscious conditioning that derail us, block our flow of aliveness and inhibit our ability to connect in deeper, more meaningful ways. This work of untangling and transforming patterns is at the heart of what I do.

I have come to love the aliveness, creativity and connection that naturally arises when people truly embody presence in a way that is authentic, unscripted, uncontrived. Insights arise. Inner wisdom emerges. Ideas flow. New ways of seeing, thinking, being and collaborating emerge.

Mentoring, Consulting & Presence Based Coaching

  • Individual coaching and mentoring for living a more present and purposeful life, navigating change and transforming patterns that do not serve you

  • Mindful leadership, embodied presence, self-leadership and holding space

  • Group facilitation; working with conflict mindfully, skillfully and effectively giving and receiving feedback, communication that connects

  • Consulting for groups and organizations, mindfulness based program and curriculum development

Sessions and programs offered in person, via zoom or telephone; contact me directly to schedule:

You can also find me at Cloud Sangha where I lead mindfulness groups with expert instruction, intimate groups, safe spaces, and supportive community.


And as a mentor in the 2 year, in-depth Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program co-produced by the Awareness Training Institute and the Greater Good Science Center with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach.

For current daylong and weeklong retreats go here.